Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Speed, or lack thereof

I survived my first speed workout. I learned a lot in the process. And the learning process feels very similar to what I imagine it would feel like to be hit by a truck.

The speed thing really is an entirely different experience than endurance. Here are my Cliff's Notes:

Endurance -- try to pre-occupy your brain with thoughts of anything else but what you are doing. Zone out.
Speed -- just shut your brain off completely, you'll need that extra oxygen.

Endurance -- try to just keep going
Speed -- try to go until you find that line between as fast as possible and puking

Endurance -- find a rhythm, your arms, legs and breathing all working together "zen-like"
Speed -- just try to move everything as fast as possible until you fear one of your limbs may bust loose and go flying through the air

Needless to say the first of my speed workouts was a very humbling experience. But I think it will really help me so I'm determined to stick with it.

And now I have numbers...actual workout base my training and progress off of. Its really a whole new ball game now! One that hopefully ends with a winning season. ;)

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