Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brunch, insanity and champagne.

So ya, its been a while. But blogging hasn't been at the top of my life's agenda lately. Because, you see, I moved. Again. So that's what, FOUR times in the past two years? Who can keep track? And while this move doesn't include new alpine vistas, it does come with a bit of increased elevation, and a HUGE kitchen. Which I put to use this morning. I think every new living space should be christened with Hollandaise sauce and waffles, don't you?

And nothing will boost your confidence like conquering the Hollandaise sauce. Seriously. I'm ready to conquer the world. Right after this champagne induced nap, that is.

If you're curious, the Waffle of Insane Greatness is, indeed, insanely great. And INSANE is what I have possibly become. Because in between moving all my worldly possessions and being out of town two of the last four weekends, guess what I did. I went and registered for an insanely long Nordic ski race. One that generally happens during an insanely cold day in February.

That's right, this winter I'll be getting back to my Nordic roots with 9,000 other crazies at the American Birkebeiner.

And you know what's really insane? I'm actually excited about it. An endurance event that I might enjoy training for? Whoa.

So things are a happening around here. New scenery, new energy. Funny how the lack of blogging usually means there's lots happening to blog about. So if I'm not hanging around the blog much this winter you can find me on a groomed trail somewhere, probably by headlamp, burning off all the Hollandaise sauce.

Yay, winter!

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