Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm Being Stalked

So guess who's been feeling sorry for her busy little self lately and skipping the gym because "oh, I just have so much to do I couldn't possibly take 90 minutes out for a yoga class.....or even 45 whole minutes for a run. No, no. Way too much to do for that."

Ha. Ya, well lessons in life; YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TAKE THAT HOUR FOR YOURSELF. Always. Go for a run. There are so many reasons. Those precious minutes not spent in front of a computer will keep you sane. They will probably even make you more productive because a tired brain can only focus on the task at hand and not the three hundred million other things you think you need to be thinking about too (most of which are actually counterproductive anyway).

Sorry, did it sound like I was preaching there. I mean no offense. I'm preaching to myself. I'm saying "Yes, universe, I hear you." Because what did I see when I landed in Italy? A FINISH LINE. A freaking marathon finish line. Just to torture me with thoughts of what could have happened had I maybe been in shape?! Ah, well, good thing we were headed to a different town for the weekend so I wouldn't have to be surrounded by hoards of marathon finishers constantly reminding me how lazy my last six months have been.

And then, what do I find in Milan this weekend? ANOTHER FINISH LINE.

Running is stalking me. Lurking. Torturing me with guilt.

So don't be like me. Go for a run. No one wants a stalker.

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Becca said...

Best post ever. Running stalks us ALL...One day soon, we will stalk running again. It's the cycle.